New and Transfer Petitions

Idaho statute describes the process through which the IPCSC may consider new charter petitions. Administrative rule and IPCSC policy provide additional structure.

New Petitions

The IPCSC is authorized to review and approve petitions for new public charter schools.  Petitioners must submit a formal petition as outlined in the New Petitioner Guidance.  A Standards of Quality document provides greater detail regarding the content and quality of successful petitions. 

The IPCSC requires petitioners to submit a budget using the provided budget template and to present at least two facility options using the provided facility option template. New petitioners must attend the Charter Start Workshop, hosted by the State Department of Education’s School Choice Department, prior to submitting a petition.

New petitions must be received by September 1st and approved by January 1st in order to be eligible to begin operations in the following school year.

Some operating charter schools are so successful that they may wish to open another school with an identical model.  In this case, the petitioners would follow the same steps as would other new charter petitioners. Please contact IPCSC staff for guidance.

Transfer Petitions

Idaho statute permits a public charter school to transfer from one authorizer to another. In order for this to occur, the public charter school, the old authorizer, and the new authorizer must all agree to the transfer and any associated amendments to the school’s charter and performance certificate.

Transferring to the IPCSC involves an in-depth review of the school’s academic, operational, and financial history, as well as its current status. In most cases, the school’s charter and performance certificate will require amendments to bring them in line with IPCSC standards. Please see the Guidance on Transfer Petitions for more information.

If you are interested in the possibility of a transfer, please contact IPCSC staff so we may provide guidance specific to your situation.

New Petitions FAQ

Who may submit a petition?

Who may authorize a petition?

To whom is a petition submitted?

When are petitions due?

How long is the process?

What content must be included in a petition?

What documents must be submitted?

New Petition Submission Process

1 – Write a petition

2 – Notify Affected District(s)

3 – Submit a Petition to the IPCSC

4 – IPCSC Staff Petition Review

5 – Commissioner Petition Review

6 – Hearing