Pre-Operational Resources

The IPCSC has established a pre-opening process for all schools. This process provides scope and sequence to the sometimes overwhelming project of opening a new public charter school.

Between a school’s approval and official beginning of operations, there is a lot of work to be done.  IPCSC staff provides resources and support to help new schools navigate this pre-operational time efficiently.

New schools meet with IPCSC staff soon after approval for an orientation. School leadership then meets bi-monthly with IPCSC staff to review the school’s progress toward opening. At each meeting, the discussion is guided by tasks listed in the Pre-Opening Timeline.

Each school board maintains the autonomy to approach pre-opening tasks in its own way. The goal of this process is simply to build awareness of tasks and help establish a pacing guide that is individualized to the school.

The pre-opening structure offers opportunity for open discussion, feedback, and referral to appropriate resources as the school prepares to open.