Reports and Timelines

IPCSC portfolio schools submit three reports directly to the authorizer and pay an authorizer fee annually. All public schools, including public charter schools, submit additional reports to the SDE and the SBE.

The IPCSC provides its portfolio schools with annual performance reports reflecting their academic, operational, and financial statuses. Schools are encouraged to use this information for strategic planning and to ensure that any identified weaknesses are addressed in advance of renewal consideration.

The IPCSC endeavors to limit the reporting burden on its portfolio schools. Like all public schools, charter schools submit numerous reports to the State Department of Education and State Board of Education each year. Most IPCSC portfolio schools need to submit only a few additional reports to the IPCSC: semi-annual financial updates, annual board membership updates, and mission-specific performance data (optional). Additionally, public charter schools pay an annual authorizer fee.

Please see the IPCSC Reporting Schedule for more information.