Operational Outcomes

The operational section of the framework contains measures designed to consider whether schools are operating in compliance with federal and state law, authorizer requirements, and the provisions of their performance certificates.

Operational Measures

Board Stewardship

Governance Structure

Meet Standard: Board Bylaws are compliant with ID law. Articles of Incorporation are current. No investigations were conducted into either ethical behavior or conflict of interest regarding any board director. The board did not experience an Open Meeting Law violation that needed to be cured this year.

Governance Oversight

Meet Standard: The board reviews academic data in a timely and thorough manner. The board reviews financial reports in a timely and thorough manner. The board maintains compliant policies. The board engages in strategic planning. The board conducts a compliant annual evaluation of their school leader and/or management organization.

Governance Compliance

Meet Standard: The IPCSC did not issue any courtesy letters or notify an external investigative body of compliance concerns this year.

Operational Management

Student Services

Meet Standard: The school’s English Language Learner program is in good standing. The school’s Special Education program is in good standing. The school’s college and career readiness program is in good standing.

Data Security & Information Transparency

Meet Standard: The school’s website is compliant with I.C. 33-133(7) (data collection, access, and security policy); I.C. 33-320 (continuous improvement plan); and I.C. 33-357 (expenditures updated monthly, contracts, performance reports, and annual budgets). The school did not experience any issues involving data security this year. The school did not experience any compliance issue regarding public records requests this year.

Facility & Services

Meet Standard: The school’s occupancy certificate is current. The school maintains current safety inspections and drills. The school provides daily transportation to students in compliance with Idaho Code. The school provides a compliant lunch program.

Operational Compliance

Meet Standard: Required reports are submitted accurately and on time. The school maintains a compliant enrollment process. No correct action plans were issued by the SDE this year.

Please see performance framework for details. The performance framework details the standards of achievement for each measure.