Section II – New and Transfer Charter School Petitions

Pursuant to Idaho Statute §33-5205 and IDAPA

  1. Petition Evaluation Process

    1. New and transfer charter petitions shall be considered only at regularly scheduled PCSC meetings.
    2. Petitions shall be submitted electronically via electronic mail, web-based file-sharing services, or portable data storage device.
    3. Petitions shall be submitted in the following format:
      1. One Adobe PDF document comprising the body of the petition and all appendices, including the completed budget template; and
      2. One Excel document comprising the completed budget template.
    4. Upon initial submission to the PCSC office, petitions shall be evaluated by PCSC staff. A written review shall be provided to the petitioning group within thirty (30) days.
    5. One (1) revised petition shall be accepted by PCSC staff prior to the PCSC hearing, provided it is received no later than the meeting materials submission deadline described in Section I.A.ii of this policy.
    6. Revised petitions shall show in legislative format all changes from the most recent version reviewed by PCSC staff (see The Idaho Rule Writer’s Manual, Section II.4), with the exception of changes to PCSC templates. The “track changes” or “show markup” feature in Microsoft Word shall not be considered an acceptable substitute for legislative format.
    7. Revised petitions shall clearly show the submission date of the most recent revision on the title page.
    8. Revised petitions shall be submitted in accordance with Section II.A.ii of this policy. The entire petition, including appendices, must be submitted with the revision in the format required by Section II.A.iii of this policy.
    9. Revised petitions that are not submitted in compliance with this section may be returned to the petitioners without further review.
    10. Revised petitions that are returned without review in accordance with Section II.A.ix of this policy may be resubmitted, with relevant corrections made, within the meeting materials submission deadlines described in Section I.A.ii of this policy.
    11. The most recent, complete version of the petition in the possession of PCSC staff by 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time on the meeting materials submission deadline shall be the version provided to the PCSC.
    12. The version of the petition provided to the PCSC shall be accompanied by a written review reflecting the merits of that version. The petitioning group shall also be provided with the written review.
    13. Additional revisions or supplementary documents submitted separately from the petition and/or after the materials submission deadline may be considered at the discretion of PCSC staff, if relevant and substantial information was not available at the time of the materials submission deadline.