Kathleen “Kitty” Kunz

Term Expires: 06/30/2023

Residence: Boise

Kitty Kunz worked for Congressman Mike Simpson for seven years and finished her congressional work serving for Congressmen Bill Sali and Raul Labrador. She was appointed to the Idaho Women’s Commission by Governor Kempthorne and later became the Director of the Idaho Women’s Commission under Governor Risch, a role in which she served until 2009. Commissioner Kunz’s involvement with education began when her children attended school. She worked for seven years in School District #25 in Pocatello and joined a group of citizens in Pocatello to form The Academy at Roosevelt Center, now known as Connor Academy. Commissioner Kunz later served as an advisor to the petitioning group that formed The Village Charter School.

Now retired, Commissioner Kunz resides in Boise with her husband of 43 years, Kent. They have five children and sixteen grandchildren.